Our staff

The Dalling Montessori Nursery team consists of dedicated staff made up of the Directors, Manager, Room Leaders, Nursery Practitioner, Nursery Assistants– with all staff holding, or working towards, qualifications appropriate to their position. Most of our nursery practitioners have a Bachelor or Master degree to ensure quality of teaching and learning.

Like the children in our care, we want our staff to achieve their full potential.  All staff are encouraged to join NVQ Level 2 and 3 training schemes and regular in-house training is available throughout the year.  This includes  

  • Fire Drill / prevention

  • First Aid

  • Customer Care

  • Food Hygiene

  • Child Development

  • Curriculum Training

  • Planning and Observations


We also realise that, while in our care, the children look to us as role models, which is why every member of the team works hard to make each child feel valued and secure.  All staff are trained in Safeguarding and are aware of our Child Protection Policy and adhere to strict confidentiality procedures at all times.


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