Children are eligible for admission when they are 18 months.

Parents can choose to register with 2 options:

  •    38 weeks ( Term time)

  •    47 weeks per year

We open from 8am-6pm, parents can choose:

  •  8-6pm (10 hours per day)

  • 8-3.3pm (7.5 hours per day)

We accept 15 hours, 30 hours funding and child vouchers. Please book a visit via Email:


1. Start from 1st September 2020, we will only accept children who register for 5 days. Funding is still considerable.

2. We also plan to upgrade our nursery to Pre-preparatory school. We may start to offer place up to 8 years old children in 2020. If you are interested in Bilingual Immersion Primary Education, please feel free to contact us via


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