About us

Welcome to Dalling Montessori Nursery


We are a unique nursery offering the best care and education for children 1.5-5 years old, with a dual-programme in our provision.

We are housed in a beautiful, light and airy building in which children can thrive and learn through play.


We offer:

A Montessori-Based Mandarin-English Immersion Bilingual Provision

Children do not need to have Mandarin Background to attend.

We follow the tried and tested One Person One Language (OPOL) bilingual education method.

The provision is available to your child on a full or part-time basis.

Meet our staff

We have


  • Highly motivated, qualified staff 

  • DBS Checked

  • First Aid trained

  • All staff have Bachelor or Master Degree

Our Curriculum

In order to provide your child with the best care and education, we have


  • A curriculum which meets the needs of the whole child and develops their range of strengths and potential in accordance with Montessori principles

  • An innovative and well-designed learning programme that provides the framework for all children to acquire and improve their academic abilities at a pace that suits them